Thursday, March 25, 2010

Higher Priced Homes Selling Now In Hendry?

Higher Home Sales Prices Shown

LABELLE, FL. -- Higher priced homes seem to be selling, shows a survey of February and March real estate sales in the LaBelle area. In past months homes were selling well from the lower priced offerings, many being foreclosed bank owned homes, mostly homes under $100,000.

But now there appears to be a trend of higher priced homes selling well. From February 2nd to March 23rd, higher priced homes showed good sales, although there were only eight homes sold in ZIP code 33935 for an average price of $163,000.

1) Unknown price on A Rd
2) $378,000 on Caloosa Dr
3) $250,000 on Hidden Hammock Dr
4) $185,000 on Howard Rd
5) $199,000 on Norris Rd
6) $140,000 on E Double J Acres Rd
7) $114,000 on S Balsam Cir (Port LaBelle)
8) $38,000 on W Palomar Cir (Port LaBelle)

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