Thursday, March 04, 2010

How To Hear Hendry's Sunday Morning News Audio

How To Subscribe To Sunday Morning News Audio Podcasts

LABELLE, FL. -- For those who would like to listen to the Sunday Morning News stories instead of reading, you can subscribe to all the news stories in audio format using one of many podcasts services and web news readers.

You may go directly to the iTunes store to listen or subscribe to the audio podcasts: News Audio on iTunes

The most common way to hear an audio podcast of each story published on the Sunday Morning News is through the iTunes podcast link noted above, or through a service like Juice, Zune or Newsgator. Google, AOL, and Yahoo also have their versions of news readers.

Choose one of the links below to try out the Sunday Morning News audio podcasts and see how it works. Now you can listen to the news for those times when it's not convenient to read the stories.

If you wish to subscribe to the audio news feed, please click one of the links below:

iTunes users subscribe to this feed with iTunes

Juice users subscribe to this feed with Juice

Zune users subscribe to this feed with Zune

Web readers:


google reader

msn reader


my aol


Other: (copy and paste this link into your favorite podcast client)

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