Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drinking Big Factor In Florida Motorcycle Deaths

Alcohol Is Factor In 41% Of Motorcycle Fatalities

In 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration�s National Center for Statistics and Analysis reported that impaired motorcyclists in Florida with a blood alcohol concentration of .08+ accounted for 33 percent of motorcycle fatalities, while impaired motorcyclists with a blood alcohol concentration of .01+ accounted for 41 percent of motorcycle fatalities.

The Florida Department of Transportation Safety Office announced this week a partnership with the Georgia Governor�s Office of Highway Safety and the Alabama Office of Highway Safety to conduct Ride Straight State to State, a public outreach program designed to urge motorcycle riders to never drink and ride. This program kicks off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month during May 2010.

''By reaching out to our regional partners, we can reduce crashes in Florida and across the nation,'' said FDOT Secretary Stephanie Kopelousos. ''Alcohol is a major factor causing motorcycle crashes, that�s why we encourage motorcyclists to completely avoid alcohol consumption before they get on the road.''

''Unfortunately, many riders think they can have a drink or two and still safely ride their motorcycles,'' said Marianne Trussell, FDOT Chief Safety Officer. ''The reality is you are five times more likely to crash after consuming even one alcoholic beverage.''

On April 29, motorcyclists from Florida, Georgia and Alabama will participate in a motorcycle run to promote safe choices while on the road. Motorcyclists from Georgia and Alabama will ride to meet Florida motorcyclists at the Florida Welcome Center on U.S. 231, at the Alabama-Florida state line (just west of the Georgia-Alabama border).

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