Friday, April 30, 2010

Panther Kitten Killed In Hendry County

Six Month Old Panther Killed

LABELLE, FL. -- FWC responded to a vehicle killed panther kitten Thursday April 29 in Hendry County at the intersection of Church Road and South Church Road near the Hendry County landfill.  The kitten was estimated to be about 6 months old, weighed 32 pounds, was a female, and did not have a kinked tail, cowlick or transponder chip. 

Because of the kittens age (still dependant on its mother) and our history with mothers hanging around the vicinity until the fate of their kitten is known, the FWC left the kitten near the scene over night in the hopes that the mother would find her if she was still looking for her. 

The area was thoroughly searched for adult female tracks (clues as to where the best place might be to leave the kitten) but none were found.  Therefore, the kitten was left in the most logical place nearest the collision site and cameras were set up to monitor the scene. 

There was no activity near the carcass and no additional tracks were found after another thorough search of the surrounding areas. 

The kitten was removed Friday morning and is currently being maintained at the Naples office.  A necropsy will be performed at a later date after which the remains will be archived at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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