Tuesday, April 06, 2010

LaBelle Restaurant Food Safety Ratings - Great To Awful

Insects, Pests and No Food Managers Among Citations Against LaBelle Restaurants

LABELLE, FL. -- In a survey of 22 LaBelle restaurants, only one was found with no food safety violations after the most recent inspections by the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants. Taco Bell/KFC came out with flying colors with a perfect food safety inspection, while all other LaBelle eateries were found with one or more 'critical' food safety violations.

Seven restaurants were found with no required state certified food managers on staff: Jones EZ Foods, Burger King, Beef O Brady's, Palateria Los Mayos, Popeye's, Hungry Howie's, and Olivia's. Two restaurants were given full inspections as the result of consumer complaints, Jones EZ Food and Log Cabin BBQ.

Don's Restaurant had a food safety inspector note: "Observed presence of insects, rodents, or other pests on tables close to front door."

The worst food safety record was found at the Fortune Cookie Restaurant with 16 violations, including 14 'critical' violations. The Fortune Cookie routinely over the years for each inspection, has had much higher number of violations than other area restaurants.

The LaBelle, Florida restaurant list below includes the name, date of last inspection and number of violations found by inspectors.

Taco Bell 2/10/2010 no violations
El Tarasco 3/23/2010 1 critical
Riverbend Motorcoach Resort 3/23/2010 1 critical
Jones EZ Food 2/17/2010 2 total 1 critical (no certified food manager - follow up required due to consumer complaint)
Rodeo Grill 3/23/2010 2 critical
Flora And Ella 3/23/2010 2 critical
McDonald's LaBelle 3/9/2010 2 critical
Burger King 3/10/2010 3 total 1 critical (no certified food manager)
Wendy's 3/9/2010 3 total 2 critical
McDonald's Clewiston 3/4/2010 3 total 2 critical
Contreas 3/23/2010 3 critical
Beef O Brady's 2/17/2010 4 total 2 critical (no certified food manager)
Subway 1/7/2010 4 total 3 critical
Don's Restaurant 3/23/2010 4 critical (presence of insects, rodents, or other pests on tables close to front door)
Hungry Howie's 2/10/2010 4 critical (no certified food manager)
Popeye's 2/17/2010 4 critical (no certified food manager)
PALATERIA LOS MAYAS 1/7/2010 5 Critical (no certified food manager)
Olivia's 3/9/2010 6 total 4 critical (no certified food manager)
Log Cabin BBQ 2/17/2010 7 total 6 critical (follow up required due to consumer complaint)
Forrey Grill 12/16/2009 9 total 2 critical
Big V 2/17/2010 11 total 10 critical
Fortune Cookie 2/17/2010 16 total 14 critical


  1. Randy Maxson6:46 PM

    Thanks for posting this information, I am glad the state of Florida has this program and the public can easily access this information. As the owner of Beef O Bradys here in LaBelle, I did want to correct one error on our report. During the inspection, we had 3 food safety food managers on site. The state incorrectly reported that my General Manager (Lino Cortes) had a license that expired on 1/15/2007. His license was issued on 1/15/2007 and expires 1/15/2012. We have contacted the state to correct this error. Best Regards, Randy Maxson.

  2. Aubrey8:42 PM

    Rodeo had 2 critical violations? I doubt that. They must be paying somone off, like they do the local cops to overlook all the underage drining and drugs going on in that place. The RODEO is TRASH! NASTY NASTY NASTY!

  3. Aubrey8:44 PM

    Oh btw, i wish the manger or who ever he is would button up his shirt, it is so GROSS!

  4. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I know Lino Cortes, hes plays drums and doesn't afraid of anything.

    @ Aubrey, you don't appreciate real men with real chests that have manly chest hair? grow up and be a real woman! real women like real men!

    My bud, Trent Duke works for the Taco bell/KFC as a frycook, and he is solely responsible for the place passing the inspection so well. he deserves a raise, yet they still only pay him minimum wage. greedy greedy greedy.

  5. Anonymous4:29 PM

    A good health inspector should always find something wrong. If they don't there should be a concern with the inspector. Nothing is perfect.

    The Health Dept hasn't shut down the city for its nasty water yet. Explain that.

  6. Anonymous6:29 AM

    After all, this is Labelle we're talking about. 'Nuff said.

  7. Anonymous8:36 AM

    We ate at fortune cookie last night. Worse meal i ever had. The buffet was only warm with all the food looking dry., old.. at least too.many hrs old.