Monday, May 03, 2010

Chemical Thefts Continue In Hendry

Hendry's Gene McAvoy Gives Growers Tips On Securing Chemicals

LABELLE, FL. -- The theft of agricultural chemical products around Southwest Florida is continuing says Hendry Agricultural Extention Director Gene McAvoy.

Between 10 pm Sunday night and 5 am Monday morning, someone cut the locks on a gate to a farm east of LaBelle and then cut the locks to the chemical trailer, reports McAvoy,  It appeared to be three people judging by the footprints.  Thieves
stole Ranman, Previcure, Quadris, K-Phite, Forum, Manzate, Firestorm, Intensity, and Scanner worth over $20,000. 

Another farm south of LaBelle was hit Friday night.

McAvoy advises growers to keep farm entrances and storage areas locked and maintain surveillance.  Lock up all chemicals, they are essentially like cash money for a thief.

Others Safety Tips From McAvoy:

Locate chemical storage well away from access roads.

Request that chemicals be delivered on the days you need them and not before.

Return excess chemicals to the chemical distributor. Not having a stockpile of chemicals in your shed you will decrease the opportunity for theft.

Consider installing alarms on chemical shed doors or windows.

Buy only from reputable dealers and do not be tempted to buy "cheap" chemicals from unknown sources - you are only supporting a thief and you may be next.

Look out for your neighbor and report suspicious vehicles and activities to the Sheriffs' Office.

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  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Were there any chems stolen that can be used to make a bomb? eg- Ammonium Nitrate. is any thing like that kept more secured than in a wood shed? I hope so.