Friday, May 21, 2010

Pizza Comparisons - Lots Of Calories, Fat, And Salt

Three LaBelle Pizza Shops - Lots of Fat And Salt!

LABELLE, FL. -- With the opening this week of a third franchise pizza restaurant in LaBelle in Hendry county, consumers may want to compare the nutrition numbers among them for a typical large pepperoni pizza. We compared the calorie count along with the fat, salt, and sugar content.

We compared eating one-quarter of a large pepperoni pizza at each store, noting that Hungry Howie's cuts it's 14'' large pies into 10 slices, while Little Caesar's and Pizza Hut's are cut into 8 slices. The leader by far in salt content is Hungry Howie's at a whopping 1350 mg. of salt.

A rule of thumb for healthy daily calories and fat is 2000/20; 2000 calories and 20 grams of fat. Fat content of all the pizza portions below are near or over the recommended daily amount.

Hungry Howies - Main Street - Large 14'' pepperoni (whole pie -10 slices)
(For 1/4 pie or 2 1/2 slices)
Calories 575  Salt 1350 mg.  Fat 17.25 grams (only saturated fat disclosed) Sugar (not disclosed)

Pizza Hut Express - SR80 - (KFC/Taco Bell) - Large 14'' pepperoni (whole pie - 8 slices - large available at main store in Ft. Myers - med. size only in LaBelle)
(For 1/4 pie or 2 slices)
Calories 500 Salt 1180 mg,  Fat 24 grams Sugar 4 grams

Little Caesar's - Bridge St. - Large 14'' pepperoni (whole pie - 8 slices)
(For 1/4 pie or 2 slices)
Calories 560 Salt 1040 mg. Fat 22 grams Sugar 6 grams.

Pizza Hut Nutrition
Hungry Howie's Nutrition
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    The closest Pizza Hut is in Ft. Myers, and is 24 miles away.