Friday, May 07, 2010

Deer Poachers Arrested In Hendry

Three Miami Men Charged With Taking Deer At Night In Closed Season

 LABELLE, FL. -- Knowing that high water forces deer out of the swamps and up near roads to feed, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers conducted surveillance on County Road 832 near Okaloacoochee Slough Wildlife Management Area when they noticed a van turning around several times and shining lights in the woods. Officers stopped the van and questioned the subjects.

Inside the van, the officers found four deer that had been shot.

Officers charged three Miami-Dade county men - Lazaro Lopez (DOB 03/03/62) of Hialeah, Andres Mena Jr. (DOB 03/25/85) of Miami and Andres Mena Sr. (DOB 11/01/65) of Miami - with four counts each of illegally taking deer at night with a gun and a light during the closed season and four counts each of hunting from a county-maintained road.

The men were booked into the Hendry County Jail on the misdemeanor charges.

 "As this case shows, suspected poachers will travel long distances to kill deer," said FWC Capt. Jeff Ardelean. "FWC officers are dedicated to protecting our fish and wildlife resources, particularly when they are most vulnerable."

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  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    it should be a felony to poach deer from a paved or unpaved road,with a minimum one year jail time and denied a liscence for life!