Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hendry Votes By Mail

Vote By Mail Available Now

LABELLE, FL.-- Has an Election Day ever slipped up on you?  Did you ever have a family problem or something at work that kept you from getting to the polls before they closed at 7 o�clock?  Are you usually in too much of a hurry when you go downtown to take advantage of Early Voting in person at the Elections Office in either LaBelle or Clewiston?  Signing up for Vote By Mail can be the solution to problems that may have kept you from voting in the past.

Hendry County Democratic Chairman Joe Thomas said, ''Vote By Mail is really the old absentee ballot made easy.  Voters no longer have to swear they will be out of the county or sick in bed in order to get an absentee ballot.  All the voter has to do is request a ballot from the Elections Office no later than six days before the election."  Thomas added that Hendry County Supervisor of Elections Lucretia Perkins says the request can be for just the current election or for every election through the next General Election.

Hendry County voters can check their current registration status online.  Thomas said the web link is http://registration.elections.myflorida.com/ .  This website can take the voter to another site to request an early ballot.  Voters may also check their status in person by going to the Elections Office at either the Courthouse in LaBelle or the Clewiston Satellite Elections Office at 100 East El Paso Avenue with photo identification and proof of residence address.

Pick up your telephone if you have trouble getting to the Elections Offices during normal business hours.  Then, call 863-675-5230 if you live in LaBelle or 863-983-1592 if you live in Clewiston;  the Elections Office will take your information over the phone and make certain your ballot is mailed to you in plenty of time for it to be returned by 7 o�clock on Election Day.

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