Thursday, July 29, 2010

What It Costs To Run For Hendry Commission - Lots of Signs

Harris Raises $4165 For Commission Campaign - Splatters Signs Along Roads

LABELLE, FL. -- In the race for Hendry County Commission, the six candidates have raised amounts from as low as $1750 to a high of $4165.

The top fund raiser so far is Darrell Harris, topping out at $4165 raised, and $3297 spent so far. The major category for expenses for most candidates, including Harris are the several thousand dollars for the filing fee, and for road signs. Some candidates have paid for websites.

Harris so far is leading in number of sign posted, splattering usually illegal signage on Hendry county roads. Signs along roadways, according to Hendry Building and Zoning regulations and the Hendry county sign code, requires a sign permit, which regulates the size and placement of signs, with the exception of political signs. The Hendry commissioners changed the law June 8 to exempt political signs from regulation and to not require a permit anymore.

Harris has been asked to remove some signs spotted by the Building and Zoning Department. One Glades Commission candidate was asked, and has removed a sign in Port LaBelle. No candidates so far have applied for a sign permit.

Candidates using road signs feel it's a way to advertise without spending money on a printed or online newspaper advertisement, it is considered 'free advertising' after paying a printer for the signs.

Second highest in campaign funds raised is Dwight Hatfield with $4000, and having spent $2138.

The amounts raised and spent by the remaining four candidates are:

Laura Smith $3500/$1809
Ron Zimmerly $2550/$2225
Al Perry $1780/$1729
Andy Herrero $1185/$875


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