Thursday, October 28, 2010

Secret Hendry Airglades "Buyer" Revealed

County Negotiates With Company President Having Many Business Failures?

CLEWISTON, FL. -- Florida Cargo Fresh Inc. has been named as the secret company a handful of county officials have been talking with, negotiating the sale of the multi-million dollar assets of one of Hendry county's two airports.

Florida Cargo Fresh, the reported buyer of Airglades Airport, has no track record having just been incorporated December 31, 2009 with amended articles of incorporation on February 8, 2010 and again on April 13, 2010 listing an address at 936 West Heron Circle, Winter Haven, Florida. 

Any sale or leasing of Airglades Airport is subject to approval by the Federal Aviation Administration after public comment.

The company's Winter Haven "corporate office" is the house, complete with backyard swimming pool, of President Fred Ford's wife. Ford is a man with numerous apparent recent and past business failures.

The three company officials listed by the Secretary of State are Frederick C, Ford, President, Walter S. Bethel, Secretary, and Charles W. Harrison, Jr., Vice-President/Treasurer.

The latest company filing shows an authorization to sell $100,000 of "penny" stock.

According to the Florida Secretary of State's office, 64-year old Frederick C. Ford's record show numerous recent and past business failings: 

-Vice-President and Treasurer of  Draper and Kramer of Florida, a real estate company based in Chicago, that went out of business May 10, 2010
-Director at Chicago company Draper and Kramer Investments Corp that went out of business May 10, 2010
-Owner of Daedalus Aviation Strategies LLC in Wauchula, Florida that went out of business September 14, 2007 after one year in business.
-Partner at First Florida Lauderdale Place, LTD based in Chicago that went out of business October 11, 2002
-Partner at D. K. Palm Beach Associates LTD, going out of business September 9, 2000 

He currently is the owner of Frederick C. Ford A.A.E., LLC of Winter Haven, Florida incorporated February 4, 2010 at his Winter Haven house and Vice-President/Treasurer currently at Chicago company D & K Agency Corporation, and Vice-President at Draper and Kramer, Inc in Chicago which apparently are real estate/insurance companies.

And numerous failed businesses are recorded for Frederick C. Ford before 2000.

Records also show a "Frederick Ford" with the following failed businesses:

-Amati Financial Group, Inc of Hallendale Beach, Fl went out of business September 24, 2010.
-Ford Security Systems, Inc. of Miramar, Fl. went out of business October 4, 2002

There are also many closed businesses under the name of "Fred Ford" residing in the Broward county area.

Corporate Secretary Walter Bethel shows an address of P.O. Box 512857, Punta Gorda, Florida and VP/Treasure Charles Harrison lists a Post Office Box address of Box 2016, Arcadia, Florida.

Bethel is an owner along with Harrison of Desoto Investment Group LLC in Arcadia, Florida, owner of WSB Holdings LLC in Arcadia, the owner of Ice Tek LLC in Arcadia, owner of Cold Cash Investments LLC in Arcadia, and was the owner of failed business Gulf Coast Icehouse Distributors LLC in Arcadia, closing September 25, 2009.

Harrison is Treasurer/Secretary of his father's company C.W. Harrison Inc. in Arcadia, Vice President along with his father at C And H Groves Inc. in Sarasota, and director along with his father in Bubba Air Inc in Arcadia.

Recent filings with the Secretary of State:

Florida Cargo Fresh Articles of Incorporation February 2010 -
Florida Cargo Fresh Articles of Incorporation April 2010 - 

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  1. SouthbySoutheast8:44 PM

    Gee; hardly a piece of meaningful investigative journalism here. Lots of entrepreneurs start and close various businesses; that hardly makes it fair or accurate to portray them as "failed" ventures. Also, a lot of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) use their residence as their official address. I do it, myself. The LLC has allowed start-ups and individuals to flourish in Florida since the Limited Liability Company Act was improved and updated by the legislature in 1999.

    Anyway, it's not how many times you strike out, but rather that record-breaking homerun that matters.

  2. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Hendry County Commisioners are either certified morons, or great personal entrepreneurs, one of the two depending on the unknown details.
    If you commishes can not figure out how to make the county money with an airport with a long 6,000 ft runway that can be expanded to whatever length you will ever need and have to give it away for a few $$, then you guys are not looking out for THIS county's interests. Oh I see Chicago calls.
    Funny how no one wants to put that airport on the map with an instrument approach of any kind whatsoever. That would attract people and business there day and night rain or shine. If that would be something good...I guess that depends.

    I will be voting for Al Perry. I just met him once but he seems like a decent young man.-and he is NOT a Democrat, not that there is any thing wrong with that-before 2008 that is!

  3. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Seems the only thing going on at Airglades Airport is parachuting. Now with Hendry county unemployment being the highest in the state what can anyone do to bring jobs to this dieing county.

  4. Anonymous5:47 PM

    The property tax/county services ratio is a rip off and next to highway robbery for starters. What normal citizen would bring his family and business here to pay outrageous property taxes for minimal services and have to deal with mickey mouse zoning issues that in many cases allow slumlord shacks to be put next to well cared for single family homes. Entire areas are controlled by slumlords and their "associates".

  5. Anonymous12:57 AM

    I guess it will be voting for ex-Cocaine head or voting for ex-Cocaine head

  6. Anonymous1:02 AM

    hahaha i say sell the airport back to the dirty cops like back in the dyess days at least then the drugs here we good lmao

  7. Anonymous2:34 AM

    I'm voting for whoever promises to remove incompetent county management.
    Lester came up with all sorts of plans to expand that ended up costing taxpayers, Wayne was only short time, Judi has a track record worse than Lester.

  8. Anonymous5:05 AM

    What a ball of cocaine and weed that county is.

  9. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Heck I bet Obama was born in hendry county, I think I found his long form birth certificate inside my septic tank under the fudge/sludge layer. It's finger licking good!

  10. Anonymous1:02 AM

    I would not use the words finger and licking in the same sentence when refering to obama considering how he throws a baseball like a freeking girly boy fairy.