Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sidewalk "Drug Store" Operator Arrested

Drugs, Shop Lifting, And More Bring 17 Arrests Recently
CLEWISTON, FL. -- Police Chief Don Gutshall reports retail theft continues to be of great concern. The Chief says Clewiston has the only retail shopping centers within 25 miles, "so thieves from three counties come here to shop for that 5 finger discount. We are putting officers on foot in the stores and on bicycles in the parking lots to combat it."

There have been a couple of arrests for loitering and prowling, said the Chief. "This is good, alert work by patrol officers. Possibly preventing a burglary….or worse."

Officers working the Levee Park arrested a local man who had opened a “sidewalk pharmaceutical store” next to the rim canal. The officers confiscated Oxycodone, Marijuana, Crystal Meth, Ecstasy and Morphine all packaged for sale. Suspect was transported to the Hendry County Jail.

Please remind your friends and neighbors to be sure to lock their car doors and close the garage It’s the time of year when we have lots of folks out wandering around after dark.

A synopsis of the recent department activity:
1129 Commercial / Residential Security Checks
487 Complaints Investigated
17 Arrests Made
14 Traffic Citations Issued
71 Merchant Escorts Provided
1 City Ordinance Violation
34 Alarms Responded To
22 Red Light Camera Violations
6 Traffic Accidents Investigated

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