Friday, May 29, 2015

Florida Seniors Health - The Good And The Bad

A new study from America's Health Ranking indicates Florida seniors did well on some counts but not so well on others.

This study of state’s senior health ranks Florida number 27 out of the 50 states for senior health characteristics. Vermont was ranked No. 1, and Louisiana was ranked last. Florida did well on community spending for seniors, as well as a low rate of seniors who have fallen in the past year. 

But the study says Florida needs improvement in the areas of getting seniors to volunteer and also getting seniors to be vaccinated for the flu. The study also found seniors in Florida have a high use of intensive care units.

Today 1 in 7 Americans are aged 65 and older. Taking an in-depth look at the health of seniors and the specific challenges they face as a population is key to understanding and addressing our health as a nation, says the report.

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