Friday, May 29, 2015

More Stolen Cars In Clewiston Canals

CLEWISTON, FL. -- Clewiston Police Chief Don Gutshall reports CID located a number of stolen vehicles during the course of an ongoing investigation while two more vehicles were driven into canals during the week. One on Avenida Del Rio and another on Sonora, reports Gutshall. There were no injuries in either of the latest two accidents. 

Most arrests this week in the city were for suspended drivers license or shoplifting. Gutshall notes Code Enforcement is down in numbers significantly this week. The enforcement department assistance was critical in a major, ongoing criminal investigation with CID, he said. "This is no indication of a lessened resolve to Code Enforcement, but rather a necessary blip that will happen from time to time." 

Gutshall says, "The relationship our Animal Control Officers have fostered with Doctor Martin out of Jupiter has continued to work well. We are grateful for their generosity and assistance. I should offer thanks to Cathy Irey as well. She is vastly unrecognized. Kathy continues to put in several hours of volunteer work daily at the facility as she has for several years." 

A synopsis of the week’s police department activity: 1299 Commercial / Residential Security Checks, 614 Complaints Investigated. 23 Arrests Made, 15 Traffic Citations Issued, 35 Red Light Camera Violations, 22 City Ordinance / Code Violations, 60 Merchant Escorts, 15 Alarm Responses, and 5 Traffic Accidents Investigated.

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