Thursday, September 01, 2016

Recreation Taxes Up 25% This Year

LABELLE, FL.-- The Hendry County Board of County Commissioners and the City of LaBelle have proposed to increase the special assessments for recreation on property tax bills for western Hendry county by 25%. If approved on September 8, the current $100 fee on tax bills will increase to $125.

The county and the city at the same time are proposing to change the language of the special assessment first imposed in 2011 to pay for the recreation complex on Forrey Drive behind the college to allow the money to be used for any purpose not just for the unfinished complex.

Public hearings on the changes will be at the city commission chamber at LaBelle City Hall, September 8 at 5:30 p.m.


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Commissioner's Davis & Harris are on the LaBelle Rec Board. This should be seen as a conflict of interest & should not be voting at the BOCC meeting on this topic. If the increase is approved, the $25.00 increase should go to the individual communities that will be paying it (ie Felda, Pioneer, North LaBelle, etc) NOT into a fund that can be spent any way the Rec Board/BOCC sees fit. Think about it, $25.00 for every home from Pioneer west, south to Felda, and north to the County line will be paying this increase-that is going to a lot of money that will be spent on a recreational park that most of us will not want to or be able to enjoy. If history repeats itself, East Rec will want an increase in another year or two. Currently the County doesn't have enough employees to keep up with the maintenance of the parks we have now, and the Commissioners want to add to that burden? Contact the Commissioners, even those who are not in your district or on your "side of the County".

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    here comes that golf course none of you will ever use, but guess what, they want you to pay for it!! We tried tot tell you folks that this was going to happen, they want a golf course to play on, and they don't wanna pay for it, but that's fine they will make you pay for it