Monday, May 22, 2017

Katherine Avery - Drinking In The Park Good For City?

Commissioners Turned Politician? Should Alcohol Be Permitted In Parks?
Something I never thought I would see in the City of LaBelle Florida, was our voted in City Commissioners turn Politician. 

Recently they made a decision that many in this city did not ever want to see come to pass, drinking in our city park when we have family events. 

I cannot tell you how sick my heart feels over this and as a resident of LaBelle and one who knows what drinking can do to families. Also, knowing the problems that can come to family events with drinking involved. 

I thought our City Commissioners cared about what the community really wanted but in this case I was so wrong. Politicians on the other hand care about what they think is best and who cares about what the people want. I felt this was something that I needed to share, because LaBelle has always had so many wonderful, caring events for people that it’s a shame to go down this path. 

I am a Pastor’s wife and have talked with ladies that face sad problems because of drink. Think about it, Do we really want this at our family events? Is This The LaBelle you now want? I don’t feel our Commissioners are really politicians, they just forgot we are here too, with a voice that counts and shares their burden of this city.
Submitted by Katherine E. Avery

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