Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day - Bill Neville

Commentary by T. W. Bill Neville

Having had the privilege of being born into a "State" of "INFANCY" on the day that always follows Labor Day and, the first day of school's start, i throw myself on the mercy and judgement of you, the "real" Supreme Court of all "things" concerning Mothers.

For the record, I was blessed from that first "spank" with a Mother that "made" me what I am today. When I was "blessed" with the acceptance of my marriage proposal, I was twice "blessed" by being "Mothered" not only by a devoted wife and Mother, but also a "SAINTED" Mother in law who was also my "best" friend. Contingent, but not necessarily relevant was that my birth date of September 6, 1928 was a "tad" ahead of President Franklin D. Roosevelt stating that December 07, 1941 was "A day that would go down in history as a day of INFAMY."

I was 13 at that time and, I always wondered why it had taken that long for FDR to make the distinction between my birth date and the Japanese attack on Perl harbor. After all, they only "missed" my birth date by 13 years and "one" day.

On an even more peculiar note is that I can't keep from associating the Smother's brother's with Mother's Day. I guess it is that during their comedy act they constantly made references to their Mother during their "smug", trite approach to the obscure, mannerlistic, manipulation of the "Maternal Honor" code?

Having lived with this realization, I want make it perfectly clear that by virtue of this article that If it was not for these three Mother's, I would and could "NEVER" have amounted to anything. My MOTHER for birthing & raising me. My MOTHER in Law for birthing, raising and enabling our marriage. My Sainted WIFE, and MOTHER of sixty six years, delivering our 5 sons. They, in turn brought into the Family, EIGHT beautiful "Mothers" of our ELEVEN Grands and SIX Great Grands. Long may these, and ALL Mothers, continue to be the "birthers" of ALL "Heaven" bound families.


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