Sunday, July 02, 2017

My 88th Fourth Of July

Commentary by T.W. Bill Neville

Once upon a time in the foothills of my mind rapture took on substance in the form of a fireworks display for the ages. Colors so bright and vivid that they almost took on a life of their own within the tumultuous panorama of sound and fury that even Lucifer could not have concocted. 

It was the first time that we had taken our 3 sons to the actual site of the massive mayhem being exhibited by the men responsible for furiously igniting each and every pyrolytic missile of sound and fury's flight into history. 

That was over 50 years ago and they still recall their initiation into the world's second most watched most watched spectacle, next to soccer, worldwide. They, over the years, have made this a part of their overall celebration of the Fourth of July holiday.
My wife and I, after our move to Florida, always used that celebration as to an annual visit to Illinois for the "Fourth" celebrations, followed by our Family Reunion in Indiana the first Saturday after the Fourth at the site of our first home on the banks of the Wabash River in Logansport, Indiana.
Somehow or other, God only knows why I have this reoccurring dream about that magical night of so many years ago. A dream that I/m convinced is kept alive through those sons and their children, and children's children, keeping the spectacle of watching of, the fire works display, to this day.

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