Friday, July 14, 2017

Summer Fossil Camp With Scott Perry

Scott Perry, Head Counselor of LaBelle's Summer Fossil Camps, says there are openings for boys and girls from the ages of 8 through 14 in this year's one week camps that meet at LaBelle Heritage Museum, Monday through Friday, starting at 8 o'clock for classroom instruction in hunting for and preserving prehistoric fossils that may be found in the LaBelle area before going in the "field" to find fossils that may range from ancients shark teeth to bones of prehistoric creatures such as mammoth and mastodon that once roamed the area. 

The young fossil hunters will learn that no dinosaur bones have ever been discovered in Florida as all of the peninsula was completely under water during the millions of years dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Campers can register at or may contact Scott Perry at (409)0502-9029 for more information on the camps that will begin on Monday, July 24, and Monday, July 31.

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