Thursday, August 03, 2017

Keeping Love Alive Forever - 5 Keys

How To Keep Your Relationship Alive And Flourishing
by Mark Werling

Here are the 5 most important keys of all time enabling partners to stay in love together forever. Follow these simple "Be" ideas and relationships will flourish:

1. Be kind at all times to one another, be kind in secret and be kind in person.

2. Believe your partner at all times has your best interest and happiness in mind.

3. Be compassionate towards your and the partner's imperfections and hurts.

4. Be content with yourself and your partner - live your life to reflect that attitude.

5. Be of sound mind, body, and spirit - live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Should you not be able to follow one or more of the keys, seek counseling or study the area of concern online. There is plenty of information and help available to those seeking a permanent love partnership.

Mark Werling, teacher, philosopher, and thinker has over 50 years of relationship experience. Send your relationship question to the editor @donbrowne on Twitter for Mr. Werling's response, or post a comment.

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