Saturday, January 27, 2018

Scam Alert - AutoAssure LLC Car Warranty

Service Contract Alert Misleading

Vehicle owners should be on the lookout for a letter about your car or truck. If you receive a letter from "Vehicle Services Department" postmarked from Dallas, TX noting an enclosed "vehicle document/alert notice - personal and confidential" and warning "IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE REQUIRED" you are most likely being set up for sales pitch for an expensive extended repair warranty when you call the 800 number.

The letter purports to notify vehicle owners that their "factory warranty will expire or may have already expired," and says "If you have updated your coverage please call to verify."

In very small print on the back of the letter you will find the company sending these notices is AutoAssure LLC located at 6400 Pinecrest Drive, Suite 400, Plano, TX 75024, a company selling extended warranties for vehicles.

A quick lookup for Better Business Bureau complaints for the company,  note that 317 customer complaints and 71 negative reviews are posted against the company.

If you call the 800-490-9143 number you will find contrary to what the letter leads one to expect, a sales pitch to buy an extended vehicle warranty from the company.

In other very small print they say "This is an advertisement to obtain coverage," and says you can opt out of these mailing by going to Note that the "Vehicle Service Department" is a fictitious (dba) name for AutoAssure LLC.

Our advice, if you want an extended warranty on your vehicle, get one directly from your auto manufacturer through your dealership. Usually any other extended warranty not through the manufacturer will be much more expensive and typically will not cover some repairs and will have lots of exclusions or the repairs they do cover.

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