Wednesday, May 24, 2006

FCAT Science Scores Disappointing In Hendry

LABELLE, FLORIDA (May 24, 2006) -- The Florida Department of Education released the FCAT scores for science students today and Hendry county once again shows results not to make a Hendry District schools parent or teacher proud. The 8th and 11th graders taking the test in Hendry scored below average in about 85% of the cases. Only 15 percent scored at their grade level.

This year, student science scores are reported by achievement levels for the first time for fifth, eighth and eleventh graders.  During the 2007-2008 school year, these achievement levels will be a component in determining school grades. "Science teaches our students about the world around them, and we now have the tools to measure their performance in this important area,� said Governor Jeb Bush on the release of the test results today.  �We need to support and challenge our students in this critical subject so they will be ready to succeed in post secondary education and the work force."

�Establishing achievement levels is a critical step toward measuring student learning,� said Education Commissioner Winn.  �These rigorous standards will help prepare students to compete globally in the field of science.�

Statewide, about 35 percent of students scores at their grade level, not good, but more than double the rates that Hendry students showed. In January, the State Board of Education approved achievement levels for science for the first time.  To establish these achievement levels, the Department of Education collected input and heard recommendations from teachers, administrators and other expert groups.  To see individual scores in science and reading by school, district and individual go to

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  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Unfortunately the only science being promoted in hendry county is currently Hydroponics and "METH-amphetamine-ology".