Sunday, May 21, 2006

Florida Tax Holiday Begins

LABELLE, FLORIDA (May 21, 2006) -- Governor Jeb Bush today encouraged residents to stock up on supplies during Florida�s second annual 12-day sales tax holiday for hurricane preparedness. The Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is an important component of Governor Bush�s comprehensive plan to instill a �culture of preparedness� in Florida. Prepared citizens are better equipped to provide for the safety of their families, reduce damage to their homes and recover more quickly from a disaster.

�In this period of increased tropical activity, it is vital for all Floridians to prepare,� said Governor Bush. �Families and businesses that prepare are safer and recover quicker than those who don�t plan and don�t take action.� Coinciding with National Hurricane Preparedness Week, the tax holiday begins today and ends on the first day of the 2006 Hurricane Season, June 1. The 12-day holiday will save Floridians an estimated $41 million. During this period, no state or local sales tax will be collected on hurricane preparedness items.

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