Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Glades County Gets New Seal

MOORE HAVEN, FLORIDA (May 22, 2006) -- At the Glades county
commission meeting Monday night, the new county logo-county seal was
displayed for the first time. The design was by Muse resident Anne
Friedman, who won the county-wide design contest last fall.

In other business, the public hearing on the Muse Village compliance
agreement was postponed until June 13 since two issues that the state
Department of Community Affairs mandated had not been completed. As
is usual in county commission business other issues were also
postponed including the landfill discussion with Waste Management, a
contract with Lykes Brothers, and a continuing agenda item; the
Fernwood Lane problems with Ken Alvey in Muse.

In new business the board approved Jeanette Peoples' request for
Julie Perry and Betty Garvey to serve 5-year terms on the library
board. Approved were funds to AIM Engineering for work on the
county's new industrial site and on the master plan layout.

The county manager reported that bids have been granted for $288.515
from Florida Highway Products for work on 9 Mile Road in Muse and
streets in the Bowden subdivision in Moore Haven. Avant Brown said
because resurfacing cost have inflated, his budget is short a half
million dollars and next year to be short $200,000. He attributes
part of the shortfall from the loss of gas stations in the county
from which fuel tax revenues are collected.

Dr. Carlle Fllori asked the commissioners why the county attorney was
not present and Chairman Jones explained the attorney gets additional
compensation for night meetings.

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