Thursday, May 04, 2006

Millionaire Bit By Alligator

Bergeron jumps on alligator back and gets pulled into water

CLEWISTON, FLORIDA (May 1, 2006) -- Multi-millionaire land owner Ron
Bergeron, Sr., 62 of Davie, Florida reportedly has been injured in a fight
with an alligator on his ranch in southern Hendry county. Bergeron owns
thousands of acres in Dade, Broward and Hendry county. His several square
miles of land in Hendry county are adjacent to the western border of the Big
Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation just north of the Collier county line.

Bergeron, a land developer and industrial office park owner, reportedly
tried to show off for visitors jumping on an alligator's back for a ride,
but the reptile bit his hand and dragged him into 15 feet of water. He was
giving a tour of his ranch Sunday to large befactors to the Boys and Girls
Clubs. The very remote ranch is at the end of the Big Cypress' Reservation
Road in southeastern Hendry county.

Bergeron has been a long-time supporter of Davie's rodeo arena, whose
grounds beared his name and
also enjoys wrestling alligators. "Ron is like Tarzan in the Everglades,"
Good friend and Bob's Barricade owner Happy Alter said in an interview
several years ago, "He ties them up without hurting them and then lets them
go. He is the only one I feel relaxed with in the Everglades." Alligator
harassment is illegal in Florida. The incident had not been reported to the
state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, spokeswoman Dani Moschella
said earlier this week.

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