Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Traffic Safety Goal Of Glades Group

Public Is Invited To MonthlySafety Meetings

MOORE HAVEN, FLORIDA -- Every month, a group of local concerned citizens and officials meet and their goal is your safety in traffic. The Glades County Community Traffic Safety Team (CTST), headed by Chairman Dave McGee (Vice-Mayor of Moore Haven) meets on the first Thursday at 10 AM in the Moore Haven Library conference room along with representatives of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the public is welcome.

Deputy Jeff Hill represents the office of Sheriff Whiddon, Road Sup’t Avant Brown represents Glades County, and Scott Bass leads the Glades County School Board’s traffic safety. Of particular concern is the safety of our children at school crossings. In the near future an exciting program being developed by the Team will kick off an incentive program for students…watch the report of next month’s meeting.

At the latest public meeting, Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sergeant and Team Vice-Chair/Secretary Kim Hill reported on expected receipt of $66,000 grant funding that will focus on alcohol related traffic issues with youth. She noted the program may be able to fund the S.I.D.N.E. (simulated driving impairment equipment) which has proven to be an excellent teaching tool. S.I.D.N.E. is a computerized battery-powered go cart for student drivers to teach them the effects of alcohol and drug impairment. Multi levels of “impairment” are programmed into the go-cart controls which cause delayed and erratic response and students learn first hand the results of a vehicle operating “under the influence”. Safety equipment is provided and the go-cart is at all times controlled by the computer operator.

Other issues discussed at the meeting were school bus safety, especially on SR78 west which has many sand trucks traveling the roads in early morning. Scott Bass has met with sand mine staff and felt the problem had been adequately addressed and bus drivers would be exercising extra caution in those areas.

The Team heard Ortona resident Donna Storter Long concerning the traffic hazard of the impaired view of SR 78 when approaching from Ortona Road when vehicles park on the state road right-of-way between the convenience store and the pavement. Debra Stallings, CTST program coordinator for FDOT and “Click It or Ticket” program coordinator Mr. Addison agreed to review the situation and possibly have delineation markers installed.

-contributed by Donna Storter Long

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