Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mining Trucks May Affect Kirby-Thompson Road

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Glade county and perhaps Hendry county residents living in the area of Kirby-Thompson Road may be affected by a proposed mining operation application.

Last Chance Mine LLC has a sand mining operation application pending in Charlotte County that the Charlotte officials have required for them to obtain an agreement with Glades County concerning their only ingress/egress, which is via Glades County CR 720 and Kirby Thompson Road. The road will be the truck hauling route from the mine site for approximately nine years.

Mystery Company?

Last Chance Mine LLC, the name appearing in the Glades County Commissioners meeting agenda package, is not registered with the Secretary of State office as a legitimately registered company, according to the Florida Division of Corporations website.

The company has offered Glades county a damage bond of $121,895 and a $47,200 annual fee for roadway service life reduction to ensure Glades County receives compensation for any road damage or reduction of life to the roads. The mining operation claims an expected 25,000 truck loads per year.

What's The Company History?

A search of similar names with the Division of Corporations did come up with "Last Chance Pit, LLC" a newly formed company just two months ago by Port LaBelle home builder Dean "Deano" T. Daniels and partner Kelvin Townsend, showing mailing addresses for both in a new Port LaBelle house built by Daniels.

Daniels and Townsend were both officers of an apparently failed "Central Mining Aggregates LLC" that went out of business last summer after only 13 months in business. Daniels also owned Venture Home Builders, Inc. that coincidentally went out of business in January 2005 after 13 months in business. Another coincidence: Daniels owned "Deano's Home Builders, Inc." that went out of business in 2001...after 13 months.

Kelvin A. Townsend had an apparently failed business in LaBelle called Tropical Tiki Huts, Inc., as found on the Division of Corporation's site which shows Kelvin Townsend now owns J & K Quality Construction, Inc. in LaBelle.

More Review Needed Say Consultants

Aim Engineering, a consultant to Glades county, recommended that before a final decision is made on the company's request, the current conditions of the road be documented by core borings every half mile, and that FDOT should be requested to study the load rating of the Jacks Branch Bridge, as a recent inspection indicates the bridge is in a state of decline. The Commission has decided to review the project after the company procured the core boring testing. The matter has been tentatively set for reconsideration on the March 13 agenda of the Glades Commission.

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  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    this not the same Mr Townsend that was charged by Fla Wildlife with illegal possession of alligators???Was that not a felony conviction???Is he still on probation for those offences???Dis he have to make restitution to the state???
    The bond money seems to be minimimal. the costs for e repairs 9 years from will be double by then..what are the commissioners thinking.