Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lobbyist Praised By Glades Commission

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Dale Melita, Glades County’s lobbyist, reported to the Glades County Commissioners Monday night that due to reductions in sales tax revenue, state appropriations were cut and the House of Representatives is not funding local projects.

He said at the pleasure of the board he would continue his work in Tallahassee to acquire funding, that Glades County had always been able to receive more than its proportionate share, and that he thought funding for the Public Works Authority projects would still have a chance, as well as small county courthouse funds. The Board commended Mr. Melita for his many years of service successfully “bringing home” millions for Glades County, and recognized the need for continued lobbying especially with shortage of available revenue.

Melita works for Craig A Smith & Associates, a consulting firm.

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