Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wanna Buy A Mattress? - Beware School Fundraising Gimmick

Ohio Company Sells Mattresses At Weekend School Sales

LABELLE, FL. -- Plastered illegally throughout LaBelle are yellow plastic signs advertising a Saturday mattress sale at the local high school. Only saying "help the kids" there's no company name or indication of just how or who is being helped.

Custom Funding Solutions LLC of the Cleveland, Ohio area is behind the gimmick. CFS recruits area mattress sellers around the country and gets permission typically from school athletic coaches to set up a mattress display and take orders for mattress sets priced from $199 to $1900.

The school athletic department gets about $50 from the sale of a $199 says one school coach, and a larger commission from pricier units. Brands sold are Restonic and Southerland, both with not such a great consumer rating.

CFS was started in 2006 by Joseph J. Matejka Jr., and incorporated in Ohio in 2008. The Cleveland Better Business Bureau says Matejka formerly owned Cleveland's Best Furniture Direct which "went out of business with an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to unanswered complaints."

The Ohio furniture company, says the BBB, was a "close-out mattress outlet."  All sales were final and there were no refunds. It ceased operation in 2008. According to the BBB, customer "complaints alleged non-delivery of ordered items and difficulty in reaching the company once orders were placed or purchases were made."

The LaBelle High School sale is being run this weekend by Richard "Jay" McCreadie of Fort Myers, a former employee of Matejka's mattress company. McCreadie owns Mattress & Furniture Wholesalers LLC in Fort Myers, doing business at the school sales as "Custom Fundraising Solutions of Florida." McCreadie started the mattress sales company in 2009 after closing down SW Florida Furniture Direct Corp.

McCreadie formerly worked for Matejka at Cleveland's Best Furniture Direct. He says the mattress being sold at the school sales are not "close-outs" but are manufactured for each order. There is a $50 delivery charge added to the mattress prices, and the company's sub-contracted delivery service will not pick up old mattresses unless they are in good clean condition.

Among the brands being sold are Restonic and Southerland, according to McCreadie. The Restonic brand is typically sold at these high school fund raisers by CFS and has developed a poor reputation from buyers. And not to be left behind, Southerland mattresses also garnered bad reviews from purchasers.

Prices at the school sales typically start at $199 for twin size mattress set and go up to $1900 plus delivery charges.

Our advice: If you want to help the local athletic department when you see one of these school mattress sales events in your area of the country, just write a check to the school as a donation. If you really need a mattress, carefully compare brands and prices before you buy one at a local high school gymnasium or cafeteria.


  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

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  2. An anonymous reader has posted repeated comments here saying the article was written by a relative of the local furniture store. I can attest I am not related and the local furniture store has not been an advertiser on Southwest Florida Online for some time.

  3. Anonymous8:36 AM

    You say you're not related to anyone that owns a furniture store, but on the left side of my screen, I see ads for 4 different mattress companies including Sealy, ebed.com, bedinabox, and Sears mattresses. Obviously the coaches that work with this company have vetted them and continue to work with them. Have you personally been to one of their sales?

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM

      So uneducated. & its ridiculous for you to think others are uneducated as well.. Should we (readers/HARD-working Americans) ASSUME you work for this so-called 'fundraiser' company??

  4. Note; Advertising seen by readers depends on what words they were searching and what pages they land on. The editor does not control what ads are seen by readers, and has no interest in any advertisers, most of which are national companies.

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Matejka has put a new spin on the same scam used at his former company. His prior furniture company was actually a franchise operation of PMD Furniture (Power Marketing Direct, owned by Jeff Hoskings) You can find numerous articles on the illicit business practices of PMD and Hoskings.
    If you check Matejka on Linkedin, a number of former PMD franchisees have been enlisted by Matejka and are now running this fundraising scam of CFS. These are the bad people in the world that will do anything to get other people's money and not have an ounce of compunction in doing so.

  6. I fell for a similar gimmick in San Diego and bought $600 Southerland mattress. A year after the mattress began making sounds and the firmness has lost.

  7. I bought a Restonic from CFS in May of 2012. It is a piece of crap. It is creaking and has a whole in the middle. Stay away from these mattresses.

  8. Anonymous3:20 PM

    This fundraiser raised $3500 for our band program, so I do t really think that it's all that bad.