Friday, March 16, 2012

Sea Level Rise Threat To Floridians

2.5 Million Floridians In Danger Of Flooding Due To Global Warming Effects

According to a new report by independent research organization Climate Central, global warming has raised sea level about 8 inches since 1880, and the rate of rise is accelerating, creating increased odds of flooding, especially in Florida. 

For over two-thirds of the locations analyzed, past and future global warming more than doubles the estimated odds of 'century' or worse floods occurring within the next 18 years - meaning floods so high they would historically be expected just once per century. 

At three quarters of the 55 sites analyzed in this report, century levels are higher than 4 feet above the high tide line. Across the country, nearly 5 million people live in 2.6 million homes at less than 4 feet above high tide. About half of this exposed population, and 8 of the top 10 cities, are in the state of Florida. 

About $30 billion in taxable property is vulnerable below the three-foot line in just three counties in southeast Florida, not including the county with the most homes at risk in the state and the nation, Miami-Dade. 


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Global warming is a hoax!!!

    1. Agreed! It's called weather and it runs in cycles!