Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trayvon Martin - More Than You May Want To Know

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City Of Sanford Releases Shooting Records

A month after the Sanford, Florida shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin, state and federal investigators continue looking into the facts surrounding the incident to decide whether charges may be brought against 28-year old neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman, a 5'9' Hispanic man, told police he was attacked by Martin, a 6'3" black teen on February 26, 2012 after Zimmerman made a call to the Sanford Police Department reporting a suspicious person walking in the rain around the gated condo and townhouse community of the Retreat At Twin Lakes.

Police responded to the call, and found Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and back of the head with grass on his back and his back was wet. Zimmerman reported he was beaten by Martin, attacked from behind as he walked back to his truck.  Martin was lying face down with his hands under his body, a gunshot wound in his chest, and did not respond to CPR by the police or medics.

(video: ABC News obtained the Sanford Police video of Zimmerman in custody at police station. Note that officer is checking his back, wiping his hand,  and then observes back of  Zimmerman's head.)

Martin, was visiting his father in Sanford, while on suspension from his Miami high school after residue of what was believed to be marijuana was found in his bag. Martin had been suspended from school previously for graffitti. He was on his third suspension from school.

Sanford Police, found no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman under Florida's Statute protecting use of deadly force to prevent death for great bodily harm.

The City of Sanford and the Police Department have released extensive amount of documents to the public including the 911 call recordings, the incident report, and Zimmerman's previous crime watch calls to the police, which can be found at these three links: - Police Report Of Shooting - Trayvon Martin Investigative Documents - FAQ of case from City of Sanford

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