Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hendry Sheriff Arrests Five In Port LaBelle

Five Arrested In Port LaBelle
LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry County Deputies arrested four men and one woman in Port LaBelle on drugs and loitering charges on Saturday night, March 3, 2012. 

A man who was visiting a friend on South Edgewater Circle in Port Labelle saw three individuals dressed in black walking around the residence. When the suspects saw him one of them confronted him and then all three fled on foot. A second resident in the neighborhood also saw the suspects and contacted law enforcement.

Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden along with several deputies arrived on scene and responded to the residence of 4103 South Edgewater Circle where witnesses saw the suspects run into. 

Sheriff Whidden made contact with 21 year old Aron Flores, of 4103 S. Edgewater Circle, and asked who was inside the residence. Flores stated he and his girlfriend 19 year old Brook Shaknaitis-Nickels. Flores allowed the Sheriff and other deputies to enter the home. 

 A quick search revealed that 19 year old Adrian Flores was hiding in the bedroom closet, while a 17 year old juvenile was found hiding in the shower. Deputies later found 19 year old Jose Barrientez, who held an active warrant for burglary, hiding the attic.

A short time later a search warrant was obtained for the residence located at 4103 S. Edgewater Circle. Deputies searched the residence for additional evidence and found Marijuana in several locations of the home along with drug paraphernalia and marijuana plants that were being grown in the patio area.. 

Also located was a white Microsoft Xbox360, tools, a jewelry box and jewelry and a handgun, later found to have been reported stolen from a home in the Port LaBelle area.

Brook Shaknaitis-Nickels 19 years of age, was arrested and charged with Obstruction after it was found that she was untruthful when she was asked if there were any individuals hiding in the bathroom. Shaknaitis-Nickels was released on March 4, 2012 on $1,000.00 bond.

Aron Flores, 21 years of age, was arrested and charged with Resisting Officer, Producing Marijuana and marijuana possession. Flores was later released on March 4, on $3,500 bond. Flores has a previous arrest record including charges of possession on alcohol under 21 years of age, passing counterfeit instrument, and marijuana possession.

Adrian Flores also of 4103 S. Edgewater Circle, was arrested and charged with Marijuana Possession, Marijuana Production, and Loitering. Flores was later released on $3,000.00 bond.

A 17-year old juvenile was also arrested and charged with Loitering and was later transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

A fifth man, Jose Barrientez was arrested and charged with Loitering and Marijuana Possession. Barrientez also faces additional charges of Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief and Grand Theft of a Firearm. He is currently being held in the Hendry County Jail on $66,500.00 bond. He has a prior criminal record.

The home is owned by Rufugio and Marta Flores.

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