Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scott Bass - Candidate For Glades School Superintendent

My name is Scott Bass, and I am running for the position of Superintendent of Schools for Glades County School District. I have been employed by GCSD since 1994; and during this time I have held the positions of teacher (GCSD District Teacher of the Year - 2001), coach, and after-school coordinator; currently I am employed as the Director of Administrative Services and have enjoyed this district level administrative position for the past 9 years.

I am a 1994 graduate of Troy State University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Education with certifications in Biology and Physical Education. In 2003 I received my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Florida Gulf Coast University .

During my current leadership position, I have gained the knowledge and experience needed to lead Glades County School District into the future. My efforts are centered at providing meaningful educational experiences to all students in Glades County .

My current and past responsibilities for the GCSD are:
§ Director, Career and Technical Education
§ Principal, Adult Education
§ Chief Negotiator (GCSD Instructional Unit)
§ Supervisor, Employee Insurance Renewal
§ Director, Transportation Services
§ Coordinator, E-rate
§ Director, Food Service Operations
§ Supervisor, Property and Casualty Insurance
§ Coordinator, Instructional Technology
§ Liaison, Federal Impact/Brighton Indian Reservation
§ Supervisor, Student Truancy
§ Supervisor, District Risk Management Program
§ Supervisor, District Employee Fingerprint/Screening
§ Coordinator, Equity and Equal Educational Opportunity
§ Supervisor, Athletic Coaches Certification

I have experienced several professional accomplishments in my current position that have benefited the school district and Glades County , and a few of those accomplishments are:

Direct Supervision of:
§ Construction of West Glades School (K-8)
§ Renovation/Remodeling of Moore Haven Elementary School
§ Construction of West Glades classroom addition building
§ Hurricane Wilma, Jeanne, and Frances recovery for GCSD
§ Construction of West Glades gymnasium
§ Renovation of City of Moore Haven recreational facility – Joint project (GCSD/City of Moore Haven, Glades County Board of County Commissioners )
§ Glades County School District IT Retrofit Project

Development and Implementation of:
§ Glades Truancy Program
§ Glades Truancy Court
§ Glades County School District Technology Plan (infrastructure retrofit)

Fiscal management is also an area that I have gained valuable experience. Over the past nine years I have written numerous grants that total over $5.1 million for the GCSD. In addition I have managed several projects that required diligent fiscal oversight such as the construction of West Glades School ($13.1 million) and Hurricane Wilma repairs ($3.4 million).

Currently, two facility grants that I have written and were approved are Florida Department of Transportation Infrastructure Grants, the Canal Project in front of Moore Haven Elementary School ($950,000 grant), and the Turn Lane Project on US 27/6th Street in Moore Haven ($750,000 grant). These two grants are about to commence.

Grant funding is vital to the operation of the GCSD. Other fiscal sources that I have obtained and managed are:
§ Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant
§ Race to the Top Grant
§ Local Instructional and Improvement System Grant
§ Carl Perkins Rural and Sparsely Grants
§ Carl Perkins Secondary Grants
§ Adult Education and Family Literacy Grant
§ Florida Department of Law Enforcement Security Grants
§ Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Grants
§ Federal Impact Grant Allocations
§ National School Lunch Program ARRA Grant
§ E-rate
§ Microsoft Settlement Vouchers
§ Glades County Voter Referendum, 2008
§ Special Facility Funding – Florida Department of Education
§ Florida Department of Transportation Infrastructure Grants

I am currently involved in several professional groups that provide opportunities for our students in GCSD, some of those professional affiliations current and past are:
§ Southwest Florida Workforce Development Board, board member
§ South Central Educational Risk Management Program, board member
§ Southwest Florida Tech Prep, district representative
§ Southwest Florida Career Pathways, district representative
§ P.O.W.E.R. Buying Group (food service), board member
§ District 20 DJJ Council, board member
§ Glades County DJJ Council, chairperson
§ Florida Association of Public Transportation, member
§ Hendry/Glades United Way Distribution Team, member
§ Lutheran Services Advisory Council, member
§ Glades County Economic Development Board, member
§ Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, review member
§ Glades County Traffic Safety Council, member
§ Hendry/Glades Transportation of the Disadvantaged, vice-chairperson
§ Heartland Educational Consortium Information Technology Committee
§ Glades County Community Coalition, chairperson

Lastly, my community involvement is extremely important and over my 18 years as a Glades County resident, I have participated in many elements of the community. Some of my current and past involvements are:
§ Member of the First United Methodist Church of Moore Haven
§ Glades County Youth Athletic Association volunteer coach
§ Glades County Youth Livestock
§ Glades County 4H Archery sponsor

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