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LaBelle's Judge Sloan - What's Going On Here?

Bryan Boyle Getting Justice In Hendry County Court System?

LABELLE, FL.-- A look over County Judge James D. Sloan's sentencing of one LaBelle repeat offender from 1993 to 2005 provides some clues about criminal activity and punishment in western Hendry county, and how taxpayers bear the cost for jail incarceration, court personnel, and tax payer provided defense attorneys, as crime increases.

(Photo: Hendry County Judge James D. Sloan)

Bryan Scott Boyle, a repeat offender of traffic laws, violation of probation, and an alleged drug user has been before Judge Sloan's court maybe more than anyone since 1993. And has received more than one "second chance" to clean up his act.

Note: Bryan Boyle released from Hendry jail Monday, March 5th on $4,000 bond on felony charges of possession of of drug equipment and methamphetamine. Boyle was arrested December 28, 2011. The State has filed a motion to increase the bond. Judge Sloan released him to house arrest on February 13th, but he was re-arrested three days later for violating the terms of his house arrest.

Boyle has an official arrest and driving record going back to January 5, 1993 when he was charged with careless driving. In February he paid the court $57 for that infraction. In April, 1993 he paid $27 for a seat belt violation.

In January 1995 Boyle was back in court for possession of alcohol by a minor and contempt of court. Judge Sloan withheld adjudication. Boyle paid the court $328.75.

In March 1995 Sloan and Boyle met in court again, this time for driving under the influence. Boyle was given a suspended license, his vehicle impounded for 10 days and drivers school mandated. Also, Sloan put him on 9 months reporting probation and 50 hours community service.

In August, he was violated for probation violation, he didn't finish traffic school. He posted a $985 cash bond to get out of jail.  In November he failed to appear in court. He was arrested again and in December, 1995 paid the court $730. In January, 1996 Boyle paid the court another $125. In May, 1996 he finally completed DUI School.

In June 1999 Sloan dismissed a No Fishing License charge against Boyle.

In July 2000 Boyle was the subject of a Domestic Violence case. Judge Keith Cary handled that case.

In October 2000 Boyle was summoned to court again, this time for child support and contempt of court. Judge Cary again handled this one.

In November 2000 Sloan and Boyle met again in court, this time for reckless driving. Sloan let Boyle out of jail on $201 bond. Boyle didn't show up for court and his bond was forfeited. Boyle plead no contest to the charges, but Sloan withheld adjudication. Boyle paid $401 to the court.

In November 2000 Boyle and Sloan got together again in Court, this time for driving with no tag. Sloan again withheld adjudication and gave him 60 days probation.

In January 2001 Boyle was again before Sloan, this time on an animal control violation. An unknown fee was assessed.

May 2002, Sloan greets Boyle again in court for battery and criminal mischief charges. Sloan sets bond to get out of jail at $850. Sloan withholds adjudication on criminal mischief charge and the state drops the battery charge. Boyle pays $151 court costs.

In June Boyle gets arrested for driving with a suspended license in Clewiston.  He gets probation again from Sloan and once again fails to follow the sentence, this time by not paying a $426 fine, and is arrested again. He gets out, and in January violated probation again and is arrested.

In April 2003, he fails to appear again in court and is arrested again. In August, Boyle pays Sloan's court $730 and is free.

Sloan dismisses a failure to obey traffic device charge against Boyle in July, 2002.

September, 2003 Boyle is stopped and doesn't have his driver's license, is not wearing seat belt and gets ticketed. Sloan suspends his license when fine of $64 was not paid.  Boyle finally pays the fine in March, 2004.

March 2004 Boyle charged with permitting use of vehicle with defective equipment. Sloan withholds adjudication and reduced court costs from $48 to $5. Boyle doesn't pay and his license suspended in May. He finally pays the court in July.

He's also arrested in March for driving with suspended license and contempt of court. Sloan assesses his costs at $473. Boyle again doesn't pay and is arrested again in May. Boyle pays $606 in July to the court.

In April, 2004 Boyle is arrested for driving with suspended license and given six months probation by Sloan. In December he's found guilty of violation of probation. Boyle pays $125 in costs in January 2005.

In May 2004, he's charged with an expired tag (more than 6 months) and assessed $48 by Sloan. Boyle once again doesn't pay and his license in suspended in January 2005. He doesn't pay the fine until October, 2005, almost a year and a half after the violation.

February, 2005 Boyle is charged with no insurance. Sloan fines him $71.50. License suspended when he doesn't pay. Boyle pays in October.

He's also charged with no tag. Sloan sets fine at $71.50 but two weeks later reduced it to zero and dismisses case.

He's ticketed again in February for habitual driving without a license and found guilty and given six months probation and fined $505 by Sloan. It has not been paid back yet according to the Clerk's online docket.

He's arrested again in March 2005 for habitual driving with suspended license and the case is assigned to Judge Frederick Hardt and later Judge Mark Steinbeck. He's gets out of jail on $1,000 bond. In May Boyle's guilty and gets two years probation and $570 fine and costs.

In June he's arrested again for violation of probation and gets out of jail on $5,000 bond. Judge Edward Volz gets the case but in August Judge Sloan ultimately gets the case. Fines and costs are assessed at $595 but only $29.50 has been paid.

Sloan "waived" the court costs and fine to a "civil lien", which means a judgment is filed for the amount, but it is not in his court jurisdiction to collect anymore. A collection agency is hired by the clerk of the court to collect civil liens, adding a 40% fee.

So far, it has not been collected from Boyle and the amount due is now $791.

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  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Maybe its time for hope and change to work in the courts system
    The state has term limits for legislators why not judges

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Who cares!!!! Just because he's your neighbor... It's to funny how you hate on everything that happens around Laural Oaks. I dont give him a pass, but you are nuts.

  3. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Is Judge Sloan being paid off by the city manager? Just asking? Sure sounds alittle fishy. He gave my friend 5 YEARS for VOP the first time what ajoke he is.

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Judge King of the Castle Sloan. It just shows how Hendry County is so little town corrupt and full of politicians whom have their own interests and benefits first, then their buddies, then the rest of the constituents. It seems like Groundhog Day. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Regardless. I would like to know who the REAL POWER is. It certainly isnt any of the constitutionals. Thats very apparent. Maybe the meetings in the woods with all of them would tell the story. But thats secret. No one is supposed to know about those. But they happen. Even with Judy KK in attendance. And O. L. who is the host. Wonderfully corrupt town and noone cares.

  5. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I care! I'm not a resident of Laurel Oaks but the point is this: Is there any other offender that receiving this same treatment and leniency? His methamphetamine should have landed him with some serious time, distributing that can hurt other people not to mention his numerous other careless/reckless driving charges? Is this a conspiracy? Is it a coincidence that he is Mike Boyle's, the city superintendent's, son? What is going to happen when this guy kills someone...we'll say it could have been prevented? And whose fault will that be?

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I agree and when he does hurt someone it will all be on Sloan. Judge Sloan IS doing someone favors by letting this HABITUAL offender out every time he gets arrested. What is wrong with you Sloan . Do your job.The tax payers are paying you to do your job. Right. Not just to sit up there and think you rule because you have a title. Because what you are doing is making yourself look like a fool.And I hope the tax payers see this. Just remember you will not be a judge forever.And that goes for Whidden too. Have some balls, put this guy in jail and keep him there.

  7. Anonymous5:08 PM

    All sounds very fishy because it is. There has only been 2 State Attorneys in this 20th Judicial Circuit. I assure you that Judge Mark Steinbeck is a very very Dirty alleged "Judge"

  8. Anonymous2:25 PM

    I just find it hilarious that he's so tough on first offenders but then you hear something like this?!

  9. Anonymous5:18 PM

    He is a habitual offender of non-violent crimes. What do people want? Him jailed (more taxpayer money) for mostly victimless crimes? If my math is right he paid over 4500 in fines and court cost and on top of that there is monthly probation fees.

    1. Anonymous9:36 PM

      You must be his dad. Come on get real.

  10. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Sounds like the guy is blowing the judge to get out of being in trouble

  11. Anonymous7:11 PM

    You are all just a bunch of haterz.

    1. Anonymous9:04 PM

      Get all the dirt out of here. Been going on way too long. When i was growing up we used to hear the drug planes coming in on a weekly basis. Then our sheriff gets murdered. Imagine that?

  12. Anonymous9:53 PM

    What a load of crap... No wonder I'm being denied to go back to court to ask to reduce my child support.... I pay over 500 dollars a month in child support and I keep asking to reduce the payment... I work 40 hours a week at 8 bucks an hour I bring home 70 dollars after taxes every week I keep telling them that I can't live off of that and can we go back to court and work this out... They told me no that time can't take it back to court until 2016 but this guy gos to court seems like every 3 months and pays a fine and gos free wth is up with that bs...

  13. Anonymous8:13 AM

    In Judge Sloans defense. It can't be easy having to judge your neighbors, friends, co-workers and their children. Judge Sloan is very much apart of this community, he knows everyone!

  14. Denise Walters8:56 AM

    If it wasn't for Judge Sloan I don't know where my dad would be, but because Judge Sloan helped him for numerous years try to get his act together, get off drugs, and make good decisions. I am so very grateful for Judge Sloan. If it wasn't for him I may not have a father anymore. My dad has been drug free and trouble free for over 11 yrs now. Judge Sloan tries to help the community instead of throwing them behind bars. He sees the human behind the drugs. When my dad was getting into trouble he was a drug court judge, meaning he got the people that had drug problems and took steps to get them help. Yes he is a very nice man but don't let this article full you he will only put up with so much. They make it out in this article like he is not doing his job, but there is 3 judges in this article that seen the same man, so if it was just Judge Slaon that was trying to give this guy chance after chance then why didn't the other 2 Judges hand him the book?

  15. My man got 1st vop only a month till finished and his bond was 250 thousand dollars now he sentences 18 months in prison