Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Glades Commissioners Honor Retiring Deputy Clerk

Brenda Choban Retiring After 35 Years
MOORE HAVEN, FL -- Glades County's Clerk of Court Joe Flint paid tribute to retiring Chief Deputy Clerk Brenda Choban, presenting her with an honorarium plaque. Mrs. Choban has served since April 1977 and since 1997 has been Chief Deputy Clerk and Finance Director.

Commissioners Jones, Giesler, Beck and Storter offered comments of their personal appreciation to Mrs. Choban. Commissioner Storter said, "She will be sorely missed."

During her tenure Mrs. Choban has provided not only accurate accounting that has many times been lauded by the county’s independent auditors, but has kept the Board apprised of pertinent factors affecting revenue and expenditures, always available for consultation to update commissioners on any financial matter as requested. Mrs. Choban has always monitored budget expenditures for accuracy and compliance.

Clerk Flint, with obvious sentiment, congratulated and thanked Mrs.Choban for a job well done. Mrs. Choban expressed her thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Flint announced that Sandra Brown will now be Chief Deputy Clerk and he introduced Nancy Dean as the new Finance Director who was welcomed by the Board.

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