Friday, September 28, 2007

Is The Cooking Better Than The Spelling?

LABELLE, FL. -- Seen at the corner of State Road 80 and Birchwood Parkway in Port LaBelle this sign for seafood and "stake." Maine's Best Seafood apparently doesn't mind embarrassment, after a year of troubles with state restaurant inspectors failing the eatery in numerous health and safety categories. Until recently Maine's Best did not even have a license to operate a restaurant, and ignored inspector's orders to get one.

The sign is the subject of complaints to the Hendry Building and Zoning Department as it appears it was erected without a permit and is located on the median of Birchwood Parkway which appears to be county owned land and not private land.

The county building department which issues sign permits can't waive embarrassment either; complaints about this illegally placed sign go back to November 2006. The building officials say they are waiting on the county attorney for an opinion.

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  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Hendry county is joke! No wonder every crook, drugdealer, and money launderer in the world finds safe haven here. The lawyers run everything because few people that hold positions are actually, qualified, trustworthy or sober.