Monday, April 21, 2008

Alligator Hunts Allowed In Hendry

Third Season For Alligator "Management" Hunts

CLEWISTON, FL . -- The Governing Board of the South Florida Water Management District authorized the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to establish Stormwater Treatment Area 1-West in Palm Beach County and Stormwater Treatment Area 5 in Hendry County as �Alligator Management Units� for the annual alligator hunting season. This will be the third season that the District authorized use of these lands for alligator hunts.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which monitors alligator hunting throughout the state, will let permitted hunters take a total of 300 alligators from the two Stormwater Treatment Areas on specified weekends in August, September and October. An estimated one million alligators can be found statewide but only a small percentage can be hunted, and a permit is required.
Alligator hunts in the Stormwater Treatment Areas are unique in that hunting is only allowed on weekends, and motorized boats are prohibited. The motorized boating restriction is designed to prevent boats from stirring up plants and sediments in the constructed treatment wetlands. Alligators can be hunted on foot from the levee banks or from non-motorized boats that can be paddled or poled.
The use of District-managed lands for permitted hunting is part of the District�s continuing commitment to open lands for public access and recreation. Alligator hunts do not affect the regular operation of the stormwater treatments areas.

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