Friday, April 11, 2008

Teachers Paid Well Says New Study

$34 An Hour - 37 Hour Week

LABELLE, FL. --  The average public school teacher in the United States earned $34.06 per hour in 2005. The average public school teacher was paid 36% more per hour than the average non-sales white collar worker and 11% more than the average professional specialty and technical worker.

According to a study by Manhattan Institute full-time public school teachers work on average 36.5 hours per week during weeks that they are working. By comparison, white-collar workers (excluding sales) work 39.4 hours, and professional specialty and technical workers work 39.0 hours per week. Private school teachers work 38.3 hours per week.

Compared with public school teachers, editors and reporters earn 24% less; architects, 11% less; psychologists, 9% less; chemists, 5% less; mechanical engineers, 6% less; and economists, 1% less. Compared with public school teachers, airplane pilots earn 186% more; physicians, 80% more; lawyers, 49% more; nuclear engineers, 17% more; actuaries, 9% more; and physicists, 3% more. Public school teachers are paid 61% more per hour than private school teachers, on average nationwide.

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