Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Glades New Ambulance Set To Kill?

Ford Ambulance Breaking Down Without Warning

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Glades County Public Safety Director Bob Jones told the Glades county commissioners Tuesday morning that there are multiple incidents of malfunction of Ford ambulances used by the Glades EMS. 

Jones informed the Board that Ford Motor will not acknowledge the current problems with the newest ambulance as part of the lemon law but are continuing with repairs under the warranty contract. He stated that the new Ford ambulance, with only 23,000 miles, had twice broken down while transporting patients requiring transferring of patients to other ambulance services and towing of the disabled vehicle.  

Commissioner Donna Storter commented that this type of incident could cost a life. Jones said statewide, other Emergency Services have continual similar problems with Ford. Reportedly seven Ford ambulances have burned, while Polk County had changed to GMC ambulances.  
Commissioner Butch Jones inquired if other counties have the same problem and asked would perhaps a class action lawsuit be in order and that the National Association of Counties may have statistics available. 

Glades county's attorney Pringle replied, �How much money do you want to spend?� Pringle pointed out that as long as the warranty work was performed as reasonably expected under the warranty contract, the lemon law would not be invoked and  there probably was no basis for breach of contract. 

Director Jones stated it would cost about $62,000 to place the ambulance �box� on a GMC chassis. He said on all three Fords, he has had to replace oil pumps, heads, put in new motor, rubber boot on the turbo, and multiple times replace injectors and sensors.

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  1. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Not a big supprise Ford ambulances are known for always eather braking down or in some way falling apart. I know because I have no choice but to drive one every day.