Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Glades - Hendry Commissioners' Joint Meeting

Two Counties Tackle Area Problems In Joint Public Meeting

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Glades County Manager Taylor reminded the Glades Board of County Commissioners of the joint meeting with Hendry County Commission scheduled for Tuesday April 15 at 6 PM at the Glades County School Board office.

Taylor provided the Board with a list of tentative agenda items for discussion stating he needed any other suggestions before April 10 when he, Commissioner Jones and Commissoner Hilton meet with Hendry County staff to prepare for the meeting.
Hendry County's items included:
1)         Last Chance Mine
2)         Port LaBelle Utilities
3)         West Hendry Plan w/Bridge
4)         Port LaBelle Oxbow (Golf Course)
5)         Evaluation and Appraisal Report. 
The items Taylor lists for Glades County include:
A)        Port LaBelle Franchise Agreement Payments and Franchise Renewal Consideration      
B)        Evaluation and Appraisal Report
C)        Community Development Events: River Forest, Palmdale, Muse, Moore Haven
D)        Impact Fee Review
E)        Budget Impacts: Now and Later
F)        CR 720 Bridge-June 1, 2008 100 days
            CR 720-wide-resurface to Charlotte County line
G)        Mutual Aid under Budget Cuts (Indian Hills Volunteer Fire Dept. now is closed)
H)         Brighton Indian Reservation –What? When?

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