Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Glades Approves Muse Village Plan

Lykes Brothers Gets Nod For New Village

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- The Glades County Commission Board approved a Planned Development Zoning District of Muse Village Lakes of  471 acres for 7L Muse, LLC located on the southern boundary of Muse Village Planning Area.  Just north of the Hendry-Glades County line, the property borders SR29 on the east, CR731 on the west, Pollywog Crossover on the north and Whisper Creek on the south. 
The proposed land use includes 186.1 acres residential, 53.5 acres wetlands, 66.8 acres upland natural open space, 72.9 acres lakes, 54.0 acres other open space and recreational, and 38.1 acres for other amenities and roads/sidewalks.
The total number of dwelling units will not exceed 625 with neighborhood types including traditional low density 60.6 acres with maximum of 151 dwelling units, neighborhood medium density 45.4 acres with maximum of 181 dwelling units, village high density 30.9 acres with maximum of 247 dwelling units and Multifamily Residential 49.2 acres with maximum of 295 dwelling units.
The main entrance will be from SR29 into the recreational/civic amenity and neighborhood market area, with a secondary entrance from Pollywog Crossover.  No entrance is planned from CR 731. Public input included Charles Banky, owner of an out parcel on CR731, expressing concern of the close proximity of home development perimeters near his property line.
The Traditional house types on larger parcels will be on the perimeters with vegetative buffering depicted for boundaries of existing outparcels of residential homes. Featuring clustered development, with preservation of natural setting with walkability via sidewalks and natural pathways to recreational and civic amenities, the area will be served by Silver Lake Utilities, and the northwest border is by the West Glades School on CR731 and Pollywog Crossover.
Rain barrels to collect rainwater from roofs is included in all home designs along with watering holes to provide miniature reservoirs for water conservation and to minimize drainage and storm water runoff needs.
Designed for Lykes Bros by Wilson-Miller, this master planned rural village development envisions a prototype community that confirms traditional neighborhoods with sustainable homes built for energy and water conservation, to include integrated connectivity of natural areas with active and passive recreation opportunities, and generates shared value and pride.

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