Sunday, November 09, 2008

Southwest Florida Online Moves To Google

Now On Google Hosted Site - Southwest Florida Online

LABELLE, FL. -- After 12 years publishing Hendry and Glades county news and information pages on the internet, the Sunday Morning News and Southwest Florida Online webpages, formerly hosted by AOL, have moved to Google hosted webpages.

AOL announced in October that AOL will no longer be hosting webpages and blogs on their network. AOL will continue its free news and entertainment services along with free email service, but has ended its hosting of individual webpages and blogs. AOL is one of the pioneering internet sites, offering a "one-stop" internet experience from the early days of the internet.

The Sunday Morning News has moved to Google hosted pages. The new Google hosted web pages offer new features including an easy "search site" button to search the entire Sunday Morning News and Southwest Florida Online webpages using Google's search engine.

Enter a word in the "search site" box at the upper right hand corner of any page, and all pages that include that word will pop up. Also very handy is the "sitemap" link on the left panel of every page, providing an alphabetized list of all the pages. Click on the "sitemap" link and all the web pages pop up for easy navigation.

We're still working on new pages, and please feel free to email any broken links you may find to help me make any corrections. And if there's anything you would like to see added, please send your requests.

Click on the new web addresses underlined above or below to go to the new Google hosted pages, and bookmark them on your computer browser, as the pages on AOL are now in internet "heaven", although if you search for any of them on Google, and click on "cached", a version is available of past webpages.

The new links: Sunday Morning News (hosted by Google) and Southwest Florida Online

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