Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Florida Taxpayers Get Plenty Back From Feds

Direct Payments From Federal Government High In Florida

LABELLE, FL. -- According to a new study from the Florida Legislature, in 2007, federal direct expenditures, or actual funding outlays or obligations of the federal government, to Florida totaled $147 billion or $8,059 per capita, based on the state�s 2007 population estimate of 18.3 million. Florida had the 4th largest expenditure of all states, unchanged from 2006. However, on a per capita basis, Florida ranked 29th among the states, down from 25th in 2006.

Florida 2nd Highest In Retirement And Veteran Benefits

Direct payments for individuals for retirement and disability constituted the largest category of federal direct expenditure. This category includes Social Security payments, federal retirement and disability payments, and veterans� benefits. Florida�s direct payments for retirement and disability totaled $55.6 billion, or $3,044 per capita, and accounted for 38% of the state�s total federal direct expenditures. Florida had the 2nd largest expenditure total of the fifty states, unchanged from 2006, and ranked 7th on a per capita basis, unchanged from 2006.

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