Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hendry May Get Criminal Warrant Alerts

New System Checks Outstanding Warrants Nationwide

LABELLE, FL. -- Metatomix, Inc., a leading provider of semantic solutions to justice and public safety, financial services, manufacturing and life sciences organizations, this week announced that Lee County, Florida has implemented an Active Warrant Alert System to identify defendants appearing before the court who have open local, Florida, out-of-state or federal warrants, enabling court and law enforcement personnel to take appropriate action. 

The Active Warrant Alert System is a computer software program that queries and delivers correlated results from 13 state and national data sources empowering criminal justice personnel with real-time information. These solutions were developed by Metatomix in cooperation with the Florida Office of State Courts Administrator. The company's other court software is currently in use in all 67 counties across the state, with over four million search queries processed each month.

Lee County is the first county in Florida to integrate the Active Warrant Alert System, which flags warrants for any subject appearing for court events such as arraignment, pretrial, bond, motion, case management or traffic hearings. The technology provides court officials with access to warrant information from sheriff's departments and attorney's offices across local, state and national information systems. Previously, bailiffs were required to log in to numerous computer systems to acquire information on a subject's criminal history as well as any local, Florida, out-of-state or federal warrants.

Within the first seven days of implementation in Lee County, the warrant detection system identified 141 warrants that led to 16 arrests.

"Metatomix's JIS solution will play a critical role in ensuring public safety in Lee County," said Chief Judge G. Keith Cary of the 20th Judicial Circuit in a press release from the company. " The project is the first of its kind and could be expanded to the four other counties within the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida including Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades Counties.

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