Sunday, April 19, 2009

Public Not Receiving Adequate Dental Care

Department Of Health Report Says Need For Better Dental Care
While there have been considerable improvements in oral health in the state over the last 30 years, the state surgeon general realizes that many persons in Florida, especially the disadvantaged, are not receiving basic dental care.

While there are many factors that contribute to this lack of care, the inadequate availability or access to dental providers throughout the state is a major concern. Oral health is essential to general health and well-being, says the report from the Florida Department of Health.

The lack of basic oral health care for all people in Florida contributes to the number of people experiencing poor general health. There is a need for innovative approaches in order to deliver appropriate and high quality dental care services to populations that have historically had difficulty receiving dental services in the traditional dental health care delivery model in Florida. This includes expanding community-based oral health prevention services and oral health education and preventive programs in schools.

Also, third party payer issues such as reducing Medicaid administrative burdens for providers and patients and increasing Medicaid reimbursement rates need to be addressed. Other issues include recruitment/incentives to attract providers to public health dental positions, legal/policy approaches to expand workforce or services, and training of providers.


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I guess if you are black the commie COMMunitee health center will give you full service. I on the other hand have to work my ass of for a $4000 dental implant and some fillings for another $1000 bucks.

  2. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Oh yes and one more thing I forgot to mention ...... I also have to work my ass off to pay for yours.

  3. Anyone can use the community health centers on a sliding fee schedule depending on income.Unfortuntately, even with no or low income the dental fees are too high for most at the community health centers as the "discount" for low income is not all that greatfrom the regular fees.


  4. Government authorities must value the dental care for the people. Putting up a clinic in each community would help a lot in checking up the dental health of the residents more especially the children.

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    They refused me a Tetnus shot and I was paying .They said go to my reg. physician which would have been in a week.What are the chances of dental .Piss on the Gov.and their prejudice programs ,by the way I'm WHITE.

  6. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I worked my ass off too and paid taxes. I became disabled. I would love to go to work everyday and make to money to be self relient again. That is not possible. I have been to the dental clinic at the health dept in my mid west coast county. The guy I saw should not be able to treat rats as far as Im concerned. My face and mouth were swollen with infection. My tooth had an exposed nerve and the jerk went right in a poked the exposed nerve and I was shocked and said loudly that it hurt. He proceeded to cup my mouth with his hand and tell me. We won't have any of that in here. At that point I told him he was right and got up and left. I was seen in the ER and given antibiotics and pain killers.