Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Glades Commission Gets Tough On Owner

$23,000 In Fines Unpaid By Property Owner Sanford

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Glades County Community Development Director Larry Hilton explained to County Commissioners Tuesday morning that Code Enforcement investigated the complaint of an overgrown lot at 1055 Riverside Drive in Moore Haven, owned by Jeffery Sanford which has been determined by County Court to be in non-compliance with county ordinance 96-1 and court-ordered to be in compliance, with subsequently court imposed fines of $250 per day. 

According to Public Safety Director Bob Jones the vegetative overgrowth potentially imposes a severe fire hazard due to  dead material has created excess fuel, which if ignited could endanger structures  and homes of adjoining property owners, some of whom were in attendance.

According to County Attorney Pringle, county ordinances 96-1 and 2001-4 include provisions for the county to clean up the property and file a lien on the property for the unpaid fines, now over $23,000, associated court costs, and the clean up costs.  He said when the property is cleaned, accrual of daily fines will abate. 

At the meeting, County Manager Wendell Taylor provided two proposals for cleaning the lot and after much discussion, the Board moved to have the lot cleaned and file lien against the title.

Commissioner Donna Storter stated that one proposal, costing $4,500 for lot clearing would place the clean-up debris in burnable piles, while the other at $5,000  would clear all vegetation including downed trees, and haul off and dispose of all debris.  Because it may not be safe to burn the debris on site as well as creating smoke pollution, Commissioner Storter recommended the debris be hauled off for disposal.  The Board moved to allow Mr. Taylor to negotiate the clean up.

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