Thursday, September 03, 2009

State Cuts Some Cell Phones

Chief Financial Officer Sink Wants To Sink State Costs

Florida CFO Alex Sink today announced that her department will realize savings of $210,209 in state-paid annual wireless costs by implementing the recommendations of her Wireless Communications Cost Efficiency Team�s report. CFO Sink�s cost-cutting measures represent a 37% reduction in annualized costs for cell phones, BlackBerries, and air cards.

'We are always looking for more efficient and cost-effective ways to do business and figuring out ways to cut cell phone and blackberry spending just made sense,' said CFO Sink. We need to be doing everything we can in state government to cut waste and I am excited by the money we will save for the taxpayers of Florida.'

By disconnecting 116 BlackBerrys, 56 cellular phones, and 40 aircards that did not meet the newly established criteria, the Department of Financial Services (DFS) will realize an annual savings of $122,061. By matching employee usage to the most appropriate vendor, lowering monthly costs for air cards, and reducing unused services, DFS will realize an additional $88,148 in annual expected savings.

Less than a year ago, CFO Sink announced plans to consolidate the Department�s 11 consumer call centers into 2 call centers, saving millions and improving customer service.  The call center consolidation took effect February 1, 2009 and has already saved nearly $727,000, with $2.25 million projected in annual, recurring savings.  In March 2009, CFO Sink announced that her initiative to renegotiate existing department contracts already has saved Florida taxpayers more than $300,000.

At, CFO Sink allows citizens to offer tips on how to cut government waste and inefficiencies.  Get Lean has already received approximately 1,226 citizen suggestions since March 2009 about how state government can rein in wasteful spending and has passed these tips along to the agencies for action. Get For more information visit

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