Friday, September 18, 2009

LaBelle's Forrey Grill - 9 Food Safety Violations

Restaurant Had Flies In Kitchen And More Food Safety Problems

LABELLE, FL. -  The state of Florida's Division of Hotels and Restaurants is required to do periodic spot inspections of restaurants, hotels and motels each year, and publishes the results of each inspection online. The Sunday Morning News looked at the most recent health inspection of LaBelle's well known restaurant the Forrey Grill on North Bridge Street (State Road 29).

A state food safety inspector observed the violations June 4th, 2009 finding 9 violations, 8 being critical. The inspector found among other things, flies in the kitchen.

A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below. The department cites violations of Florida's sanitation and safety laws, which are based on the standards of U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Food Code. In general, critical violations are those that, if not corrected, are more likely to contribute directly to food contamination, illness or environmental damage.

Although the report uses the industry-standard term "critical", varying degrees of severity and potential risk to the public require inspectors to assess each situation in determining the appropriate action. In addition, while an establishment may have multiple violations, the inspectors' training and judgment formulate the overall result of the inspection to ensure the public health and safety. While most establishments correct all violations in a timely manner (often during the inspection), the division's procedures are designed to compel compliance with all violations through follow-up visits, administration action or closure when necessary.

Inspection: June 4, 2009 at 280 North Bridge Street in LaBelle. Although many problems were corrected on site during the inspection, it may be assumed that similar problems would be found at any random inspection.

Violation     Observation
02-07-1     Critical. Observed processed ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food held more than 24 hours not properly date marked after opening--lunch meat . Corrected On Site.
08A-24-1    Critical. Observed raw animal foods not properly separated from each other in holding unit/during preparation. raw beef above raw seafood reach-in storage cooler Corrected On Site.
09-01-1    Critical. Observed improper use of bowl/plastic food container or other container with no handle used to dispense ready-to-eat food. grated cheese Corrected On Site.
09-04-1    Critical. Observed bare hand contact of ready-to-eat food by employees and establishment has no approved Alternative Operating Procedure in effect while under a boil water notice. Corrected On Site.
21-12-1    Wet wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution between uses.
22-17-1    Critical. Observed soiled reach-in cooler gaskets.
24-05-1    Clean glasses, cups, utensils, pots and pans not stored inverted or in a protected manner.
35A-08-1    Critical. Observed live flies in kitchen.
35B-04-1    Critical. Outer openings of establishment cannot be properly sealed when not in operation.


  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Yikes, I'll be in La Belle this coming February. The internet is a powerful source of information. I try to research an area before going and find restaurants and information about it. This is helpful. Google has changed the way we learn about the world.

  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    What a joke! I have been in this kitchen, and it is much cleaner than most restaurants! I would eat there anytime.

    1. You can clearly look thru the kitchen walking walking into the back private room or bar area and it is spotless and much cleaner and neater than any other restaurant around! I am neither for this restaurant or not and have no interest either way but give credit where credit is due!!!!

    2. Update 2/27/15: As of today there are no violations. But, in November 2014 there were 3 priority violations and 2 intermediate including repeat violations that called for a follow up inspection. Those violations were:
      Basic - Food stored on floor. Beef on floor in walkin cooler. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
      Basic - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food thawed at room temperature. Chicken wings thawing at room temperature. **Warning**
      High Priority - Employee failed to wash hands before putting on new set of gloves to work with food. **Warning**
      High Priority - Potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Deli meat 50°F, cheese 49°F, tomatoes 48°F, onions 48°F, lasagna 49°F, bacon 46°F, chili 46°F in reachin coolr by oven, and near side door. TCS items moved to other coolers or placed on ice, corrective action taken . **Admin Complaint** **Repeat Violation**
      High Priority - Raw animal foods not properly separated from one another based upon minimum required cooking temperature in reach-in cooler. Raw beef over fish in reachin cooler by side door. **Corrected On-Site** **Warning**
      Intermediate - Encrusted material on can opener blade. **Warning**
      Intermediate - Reach-in cooler not maintaining potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food at proper temperatures. Do not store potentially hazardous (time/temperature control for safety) food in this unit until the unit is capable of maintaining foods at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Reachin cooler by oven ambient temperature 51°F. **Admin Complaint** **Repeat Violation**

  3. (12/13/12 update in response to previous comment posted today.) This review was done in 2009. Check for latest reviews. Forrey has a history of more than normal food safety and sanitation issues.

  4. It's. The best at service,,personnel,,atmosphere,, and of course food. We were completely pleased..

  5. It's. The best at service,,personnel,,atmosphere,, and of course food. We were completely pleased..