Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ten Hendry Grow Houses Busted

Arrests Made In Hendry Marijuana Grow House Operations

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry County Sheriff Narcotic Officers received valuable information earlier this week that lead to the location of ten grow houses and the arrest of seven individuals from the Pioneer Plantation and Montura Ranch subdivisions in central Hendry county.

Investigators closed down eight grow houses in Montura and two in Pioneer. They were able to confiscate seven long rifles and two handguns, according to a news release by Hendry Sheriff Steve Whidden.

One of the drug grow locations was a 12' x 12' building that had been completely set up and ready to begin the grow process. Another location in Pioneer was a new grow operation that had just begun yielding very young plants.

Taken into custody were 389 marijuana plants, with an approximate weight of 489 pounds with street value $2,347,200. Sheriff Whidden stated, "We will continue to cooperate with all agencies in the fight against drugs.''

Arrested were:

September 18, 2009
Alberto Garcia, 45 years of age, of 822 North Arboleda Street, Montura; 35 marijuana plants, approximately 40 lbs.

September 21, 2009
Yoel Relova Serrano, 36 years of age, 470 south Hacienda Street; 70 marijuana plants, approximately 110 lbs.
Vladimir Padron, 46 years of age, 855 South Zambria Street; 81 marijuana plants, approximately 15 lbs.

September 22, 2009
Jorge Fleitas, 46 years of age, 380 S. Hacienda Street
Jenny Reyes, 20 years of age, and Martha Lira, 44 years of age, 212 Montura Ave.; 44 plants, approximately 56 lbs.

September 23, 2009
Alberto Velis Duarte, 39 years of age, 5120 4th Street, Pioneer; 24 plants, approximately 39 lbs.

Arrests are pending after recovered marijuana at:

745 Willow Street;17 marijuana plants, approximately 91 lbs.
420 South Hacienda Street; 73 marijuana, approximately 110 lbs.
385 South Hacienda Street; 6 plants, approximately 13 lbs.
995 Tampa Ave.; 40 plants, approximately 1 lb. – New Grow House


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Great job to those who had to go out and load all that crap up.

    As far as Whidden and his crack team of narc investigators led by who knows. Well all I can say is the heat from all the other crap that is going on right now must be really burning his backside and tanning it good.

    So we need a diversion. Lets bust some grow houses! Investigation revealed...... my butt.

    All they have to do is stand in front of a map of hendry county with a shotgun loaded with #4 and crank off one and whatever it hits it probably is or has a grow house within 100 yards.

    Get real folks. Ten grow houses? should be 100 growhouses!!!!

    Try the shotgun method whidden it may save your crack team the combined brain power usage and use them for more applicable duties such as paperweights, fixtures, light poles, sign holders...

    hell joe lee could have ten of those done in a day!!!!

    Love the fact you get the drugs off the street. how about stepping it up a bit? put crook and crank back onto other dutys where they may do better. they are so funny out here in montura when they ride around all undercover.

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    If Joe could why did he not?...I wonder. I ponder such deep meaningful questions in my never ending quest for understanding.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I've seen more grow houses busted in Whidden's months, than Lee's years. I wouldn't brag on Joe Lee, he's been in Montura for years, and nothing has been done. I've seen more police activity and arrests in the last several months in Montura than the last 14 years of living out there. Keep up the good work......I and many others appreciate it.

  4. Anonymous5:58 PM

    So true on both those observations. Good job steve and others.

  5. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Joe Lee is a joke. He play off as a no nonsenses cop. But I know he's been one to park in the woods out in Montura with female company.(and yes, we're talking in a Hendry Co. Sheriff vehicle)

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    More like under age female company every body knows about joe lee aka joe dirt he is the type of cop to pull you over take your money and drugs and tell u to have a good day i guess it beats going to jail or him doing good cop work lol but he is not the only bad cop in montura the hcso needs to be not so aggressive with the community and stop harassing us 50% of people arrested in Montara are falsely accused of the crime we the people of Montura need to stand up for our self and get these monsters out of here