Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hendry Sheriff's Citizen Academy Opens

14 Week Free Classes Open To Public

LABELLE, FL. -- How much do citizens really know about law enforcement?  Most of what people know about law enforcement is what they see on television from crime-action TV which captivates the public�s imagination. 

Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden would like to invite citizens of Hendry County to participate in a Citizen's Academy to give the public a behind the scene look at what the men and women of the Hendry County Sheriff's Office do. 

Most people have little or no first hand, accurate knowledge about this vitally important element of our community.  This can put law enforcement at a tremendous disadvantage because it is human nature to fear or even mistrust what you do not understand, says Sheriff Whidden. 

Participants will spend about 2 hours a night in a classroom once a week for 14 weeks.  Members will learn about call taking; what happens after you call for help; the latest trends and procedures in law enforcement as well as the duties and responsibilities of the various departments.  Those attending will also get to spend one day at a firing range learning how to handle firearms. 

Members will also have the opportunity to tour the various sheriffs� buildings and ride in an agency vehicle with a road patrol deputy and most of all, learn how to develop confidence in their ability to make themselves and their property less attractive to criminals. 

Because the men and women are graduates of the Citizens Academy they may become involved in the newly formed volunteer programs that will be offered by the Hendry County Sheriff's Office. 

The Citizens Academy is great for anyone over 18 years of age, with a background free of felony convictions, who wishes to learn more about the field of law enforcement in general and about the Hendry County Sheriff's Office.  The class is free.  Class dates and time will be announced.

Please stop by the Sheriff's office and pick up an application. If you have questions or want to learn more about the Sheriff's Citizen Academy call Lt. Susan Harrelle at 863-674-5604.

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  1. Anonymous9:25 PM


    Mind conditioning classes! I sincerely hope they tour them everywhere and see the state of the agency that it is in as well as all the LOOOONNNNGGGGGG faces working there. Hopefully it will give people a real look at the mentality that is down there as well as the priorities.

    What is really going to be nice is their so called "application" process. It will have to measure up to their standards of political correctness, have lots of money, and be socially acceptable by Lt Hairelle and Nails.

    Subversive Republicans are allowed as long as they are approved by either her or the chief.

    And all these newly formed volunteer programs where is the announcement / list for those?

    Everyone should be in a deep coma by the time 14 weeks rolls around after listening to this group.